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    Last edited by User on 8/7/2015 2:58 PM
    Removed all content
  • Create schema similar to one of these: Then, add a class called ...
    Last edited by User on 7/16/2015 6:27 PM
    Cleaned up sample provider implementation
  • Overriding Secure Connection Detection EWL prevents accessing an application ...
    Last edited by User on 12/14/2014 4:12 PM
    Generalized the article for all reverse proxy scenarios
  • One-time per database server: Open SQL Server Configuration Manager, (Not SQL ...
    Last edited by User on 9/29/2014 11:16 AM
    Clarity and missing step
  • To reference your own style sheets, override the GetStyleSheets() method in ...
    Last edited by User on 9/3/2014 2:05 PM
    Added styles that prevent you from losing hover behavior.
  • Our Expectations When contributing to EWL, we expect you to: Use our coding ...
    Last edited by User on 4/3/2014 8:58 AM
    Added XML to R# Code Cleanup list
  • Set the loginPageGetter parameter in ShortcutUrlResolver when enumerating ...
    Last edited by User on 4/1/2014 2:16 PM
    Wrote the page
  • The valid encrypted column data types are: System.Int32 Nullable<System.Int32> ...
    Last edited by User on 3/17/2014 5:49 PM
    Finished up the procedure
  • Use the EwfFileUpload control.
    Created by User on 1/3/2014 2:26 PM
  • This script is for SQL Server and includes the District of Columbia as a state. ...
    Created by User on 11/27/2013 10:12 AM

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